Intermountain Christian School

ICS-addr3Intermountain Christian School is a ministry of EFree. At ICS, every parent is encouraged to understand our true purpose is in ministering to our youth. A few parents may choose to enroll their children at ICS because of its rigorous academic program, others for our nurturing environment, others for our excellent reputation in fine arts and extra-curricular programs, and still others may enroll because it is a safe and secure environment in comparison to public schools. Although these reasons are legitimate and true of the ministry at ICS, they do not encompass who we are at the core of our ministry.

main_1389900873_27805Our school motto is "Shaping Hearts to Serve." We believe in building up every child in Jesus Christ so they will be fully equipped with their God given gifts and abilities to go out and serve the Lord no matter what profession into which God may lead them.

It is when every parent fully understands and supports our mission that their family will receive the full benefits of everything ICS has to offer. We believe that Christian education is the only system outside the home where every teacher will instill in your child the desire to form a Biblical world-view of thinking and living. If God is leading you to provide a solid Christian education for your child, then please feel free to call the school office for more information or visit our web site.