Meet the new Director of Children's Ministries

Meet the new Director of Children’s Ministries, Tina Renaud:Tina Renaud

Tina brings experience and a passion for ministering to children.  She previously served for 7 years as Director of Children’s Ministry at their previous church in Dallas, and she has led and taught children’s and young family ministries for more than two decades.  She also received training in children’s ministry effectiveness and teaching through Dallas Theological Seminary and Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

Tina and her family moved to the Salt Lake valley in August 2015 and became EVFree members last year.

Tina and Brian have three children: Aaron, who lives in Austin, Texas; Natalie, a freshman at the University of Utah; and Gabby, a freshman at Intermountain Christian School.

We want to express again our thanks for Kristin Kiehn's hard work, service and love for children in this position the last five years.

Please pray for Tina and Kristin, for God's blessing them in their new seasons of life and ministry!